While South Africa produces many goods of first-class quality for export, it is also a major importer of assorted products from most countries. From pharmaceuticals to telecommunications, South Africa is a cutting-edge consumer of the latest on offer from international sources. Foremost Finance deals at the best exchange rates and the low transmission charges. We are able to take advantage of the wider and more competitive market due to our volumes. We ensure swift payment execution services to your international counterparts.

In regards to imports and exports Foremost Finance processes:



Advance payments

An advance payment is the safe mode of payment for any export/ import business. Payments can be made in advance to your desired beneficiary for goods not received as yet, whether it be a deposit or the full amount of the goods. Once goods have been received the documents can be sent to Foremost Finance to be cleared.




Merchanting Trade transactions are those transactions where the trader in one country A, purchases goods from country B and supply the goods to a buyer in country C. Thus the goods never touch the boundary of the country of trader. If a buyer wants to sell his consignment to a third party before arrival of goods but after sailing vessel from load port, such sale is known as high sea sale. In simple words, the ownership of goods is transferred, when goods are on transit. Such transactions will be accepted and captured as Merchanting payments.  



Payment against a full set of documents

Goods that have arrived prior to payment are paid against a full set of customs documents. These documents are then stamped and sent back to the client after the transaction has been successfully completed.


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