Who Are We: 

Foremost was established in 1995 and focuses on clients who are involved in importing and exporting. We offer a foreign exchange and payment execution service in accordance with SARB regulations and are an authorised financial provider.

 Why Use Foremost Finance:

For real savings and an unrivalled personal service. Plus you will never have to stand in a bank queue again.We can rate watch the market for you , email you our weekly one page Treasury report and even make Exchange control applications on your behalf to the SARB.

How can we offer better exchange rates than your bank?

If you use your bank or another foreign exchange broker, you will most likely not be getting the best exchange rates. The foreign exchange rate you are offered by your bank is predominantly determined by how much you transact, how often, and the nature of your relationship. As a specialist currency broker we carry out more foreign exchange transactions than most businesses, across a greater variety of currencies and usually in larger volumes. As a result we are offered better exchange rates and lower transmission costs by the banks we use.


WITHIN SA: 011 807 3715       OUTSIDE SA: +27 11 807 3715